The Pony Express- New beginnings and old traditions

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. After a long journey from Paxton the Pony Express Re-Ride arrived in North Platte on Thursday. It's something that happens every year in North Platte. But for two riders this year it's particularly important.

"This is my first time here riding on the Pony Express ride. I think it'll be kinda fun and interesting. Ya know, I want to thank them for letting us come on the ride," says new Pony Express member Mark Votaw.

While it's exciting be a first timer of the Pony Express, One rider shares why he's excited but it's for a different reason.

"I'm a third generation rider. My dad and my grandpa started this when my dad was fourteen years old. Something definitely to be proud to be a part of. Something that is a big part of history. And it's just kind of cool to re-live it and re-make it," says veteran Pony Express member Ty Grawz.

Ty has ridden with the Pony Express since he was fourteen years old. It's a tradition he believes all members should continue to pass down for generations.