The latest 'buzz' in Lincoln County

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. The North Platte Public Library was sweetest place in town on Thursday.

Librarian and owner of Sassy Pants Honey Shelly Deardoff hosted a brown bag luncheon to give an insight into bee keeping.

Deardoff has been raising bees and harvesting honey for approximately four years.

The room was filled with curious guests wanting to know the amount of work that goes into keeping a hive.

Deardoff says as spring arrives people afflicted with allergies may want to try consuming local honey to remedy their ailments.

"It's recommended in a lot of sites because basically the bees are visiting the flowers that you're allergic to. That gets transferred into the honey and then you're building up some resistance to those allergens," says Deardoff.

If you would like to know more about bee keeping or would like to purchase local honey you can contact Sherry at the library.