The partial government shutdown will not affect tax returns

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Wednesday marks day 19 of the partial government shutdown. Many people are asking how this might affect their tax refund.

Tammi Fellers is the franchise owner of the North Platte Jackson Hewitt. She said there should be no issues with filing or getting your tax returns this year.

Fellers said the IRS is planning on an on time start to the season and has done a lot of former pre-planning to make the season happen.

"Everything should just be business as usual. The refunds are going to be right on track, they've had skeleton crews working on this and there won't be a problem with the refunds this year," said Fellers.

Something Fellers wanted to encourage tax payers to do is file early saying it ensures the return is processed quickly.

She said if you have any questions about your filing or would like to file early, you can contact them. She added you do not have have to have your W2 to get started on your return.