There's a new sheriff in town for McPherson County

TRYON, Neb. (KNOP)- Last year, Sheriff Tim McConnell announced his retirement from the McPherson County Sheriffs department due to health reasons. Now, there's a new sheriff in town.

During November's General Election, Sheriff Tim McConnell's name still appeared on the ballot even though he had already accepted a job outside of city limits due to increasing health problems.

Only one other name appeared on the ballot, write-in candidate Robert McFarland, but he was outvoted by McConnell. At that point, the position was open for applications. The county said they received four applications to take McConnell's position, one of which included Mr. Kelly Williams.

"We picked the one we did because we thought he was the most personable," said John Bryant who is the Chair of the McPherson County Commissioners.

The county conducted interviews and selected Williams to fill the position of sheriff.

"It's a good feeling, everybody has made me feel very welcome," said Williams.

Williams says he plans to carry on with what McConnell was doing and add to it.

"My door is always open. I'm a law enforcement officer as part of the community, not just somebody they're going to see in the community," said Williams.

Bryant, who helped conduct the interview for the position, said out of the four candidates who applied, they selected Williams due to his prior experience with law enforcement and his personable personality.

Williams relocated to the Tryon area to take the position after many years of law enforcement including several areas in Nebraska and a job in Kansas.

Thursday marked one week on the job as he was sworn into the position on January 3rd with other elected officials. Sheriff Williams was will serve a four year term and once his term is over, he can chose to run for re-election as there are no term limits for the position.