Locals wonder where they will vote after Hall School is purchased

Published: Nov. 6, 2018 at 5:25 PM CST
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This year may be the last time people can vote at Hall School. For many years, folks have used the school as one of the voting sites in North Platte.

This year there was a steady flow of people coming in the building to cast their ballots Tuesday. Election officials say they've had more voters than average this time around. They believe it's because this election was more publicized than past years. Hundreds cast their ballots and learned this might be the last time doing so at the school. Voter Michelle Brinker said, " I just hope we find some place close to where we're at and that's easy for the community to get to. Hopefully somewhere close to home."

Voters also say they are curious to what happens next. They want to know where the next voting site might be if not at the school.

North Platte Public Schools sold the building to Janna Ryan in a September auction. She purchased the school for $200,000. She wants to use Hall School as a dance and gymnastics studio.

Any future use of the school as a polling place would start with conversations with the Lincoln County Clerk.