Unofficial results: Henry gets second term on board of commissioners

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North Platte, Neb. (KNOP) - UPDATE:

Incumbent Bill Henry is the unofficial winner of the District Three seat on the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners.

Henry received 659 votes, while candidates Ryan Sellers received 452 votes and Chance Nutter received 405. There were four votes for a write-in candidate. Henry won with 43.36 percent of the votes.



Each man running says he is concerned about Courthouse safety, spending, and roads and bridges.

But each man has a slightly different idea of how he would make it work.

Bill Henry, 79; Ryan Sellers, 38; and Chance Nutter, 38; are on Tuesday's ballot.

Henry is finishing his fourth year as Commissioner for the third district. He is no stranger to agriculture and ranching, or roles of leadership. He is active in his church, and is a father and husband. He says he feels very strongly about protecting the people who enter the Lincoln County Courthouse, whether they are visiting as customers or other reasons, or employees.

He said he can take the "abuse from the public" about security at the courthouse, but that he could not bear it if he had to tell someone's family that they "weren't coming home." He said, "A lot of people come unglued in there."

He is passionate about roads, and was glad to see the South Buffalo Road project pass. He wants to see something done with the Sutherland Bridge on Prairie Trace Road. He said is it very unfortunate when there "simply aren't the funds to do everything that needs done, and things cannot get done."

Rancher Ryan Sellers is against over-spending. He says that the County's roads have been neglected, and while spending has increased in other areas, the budget for the roads has been drastically reduced.

He has business experience with 5 Star Pawn in North Platte, in addition to ranching and family life with Candi and their three sons.

Sellers is against the way the Lincoln County Courthouse security project progressed. He believes closing two of the entrances to the courthouse is unwise, and that the Sheriff's Department should be in charge of security. He says there are less expensive, more practical ways to keep the public safe.

Sellers wants to make changes to the contract in place if he is elected. He says that putting a scanner at one entrance is not going to help; that if someone wants to cause harm, they will still find a way. Also, having one armed guard and one guard as a "witness" does not make much sense. He says that the project was done in haste.

Sellers says that the two main tasks of commissioners are roads and the Sheriff's Department, and that the current board has not made these a priority.

Railroader, father, and soon-to-be newlywed, Chance Nutter, has no problem with security in the courthouse. He does believe, however, that the jobs should have stayed in the county.
"I think if we are going to spend $100,000 or more, to outsource, why not have some local guys, and keep that money in our our county, rather than outsource to another state?"

But Nutter's hot topic is the Sutherland bridge on Prairie Trace Road. He says that something must be done before a truck goes through it. He says that he knows there is historical value to the bridge, but that can be worked around. He says that currently people have to go out of route to Hershey when their farming equipment will not go across the bridge. He says it is a safety concern, and that it has been taken off the priority list over and over for nearly 20 years.

The three men face off on Tuesday. By the end of the day, one of them will be named as Commissioner for the third district. There are no Democrats opposing the race.