Todd Becker Youth Event advocates for making better choices

Published: Feb. 27, 2019 at 9:54 PM CST
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Over a thousand folks listened in awe at North Platte High School as they learned about a teens tragic story. The Todd Becker story is a story of a high school student who lost his life in an alcohol-related car accident. But the message is about choices and how the choices you make can impact your life.

Todd's brother, Keith Becker told his brothers story and advocated for people to make better choices. Organizers say messages like these are good for everyone, but especially the youth. Local youth pastor, who helped bring the event to the high school, said, "If this event can help prevent one student from going down a road of falling into the partying scene, of getting behind the wheel after they've been drinking, of contemplating suicide or self-harm, or whatever it may be, then it's totally worth it."

The Todd Becker Foundation aims to bring awareness to ending harmful choices especially with the help of Jesus Christ.