Toddler saved through dispatch instructions

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A local dispatcher recently provided cpr instructions to save the life of a toddler. Joan Lerch, of the North Platte Police Department has been recognized for her success story.

The medical Priority Dispatch System provides instructions for dispatchers while civilians wait for emergency services to arrive. The outcome of dispatch calls can be hard to track. Lieutenant Steve Reeves explains.

"A lot of times we don't know the outcome, we don't follow it through. We may be able to ask the fire department, but often times they don't know it after they leave the patient at the hospital," said Reeves.

Melinda Baker, dispatch supervisor, says dispatchers must keep up to date on certifications and are always continuing their education.
Baker also says the medical dispatch system has instructions for many different medical emergencies.

"It can help in many areas. Anywhere from CPR to child birth, to control bleeding. Any kind of first aid type of situation that needs help before the responders arrive," said Baker.

The medical priority dispatch system has been used almost 3000 times since it's installation at the North Platte Police Department in June of 2018.