Traveling writers visit North Platte and experience Nebraska tourism

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - 'Nebraska..Honestly, It's Not For Everyone,' but one group of people is working to change that.

The Nebraska Tourism Commission, along with Visit North Platte, welcomed five out-of-state writers to experience Nebraska and what the state has to offer.

The writers started their journey in Omaha and ended their five day trip Thursday in North Platte. They were able to experience several North Platte hot spots like the Golden Spike Tower, the Lincoln County Museum, the Canteen, Fort Cody, The Prairie Arts Center and ended the night at Pals.

Laura Beausire is from Boulder, Colorado and says she has driven through before, but never had much of an opportunity to stop.

"Stop and have a look around don't forget Nebraska is there, don't just fly over it don't just drive through it like I did in the past, stop and really see what it has to offer because there is some much here that people don't even know about and let the people tell you what they are doing and kind of take a moment to stop and take a look around just enjoy Nebraska there is so much here to see and do and i know that I'll be back," said Beausire.

Heather Balogh Rochfort is a writer and author from Denver, Colorado and said she has officially experienced the Nebraska nice.

"I learned a lot about the people here. We've noticed in a lot of the communities we are visiting, that people here care about each other. We hear a lot about this person saying they helped this business or this business and it's not because they are getting financial payment, it's not because it's helping them in anyway, it's just to help each other and especially living in a big city, you don't hear about that a lot and it's really nice to see that kind-hearted nature coming out in the people, it's really cool," said Balogh Rochfort.

The North Platte Lincoln County Visitors Bureau said there is a tourism reason behind why they brought them here.

"Hopefully the goal is we show off North Platte enough they will go back and write about it," said Amanda Connick with the North Platte Lincoln County Visitors Bureau.

The writers will head back to their home states Friday to write about their experience and invite people to come experience Nebraska.

The writers were selected by The Nebraska Tourism Commission and were:
Heather Balogh Rochfort, Colorado
Lavanya Sunkara, New York City
Annika Hipple, Boston
Allison Tibaldi, New York City
Laura Beausire, Colorado