Two Denver dogs find home together in Nebraska after North Platte accident

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - To the family of this man we never met. We are so sorry for your loss. To the man we never met - Christopher - thank you for your service, and thank you to your family for trusting us with your best friends.

Christopher Sheets made a connection in North Platte after suffering renal failure while travelling near the city. His dogs were left in the care of the North Platte Animal Shelter while he was hospitalized at Great Plains Health. Christopher passed away, and his dogs came back to Nebraska to be adopted by a KNOP-TV reporter who was able to keep the two dogs together, which was Christopher's wish. (SOURCE: Melanie Standiford KNOP-TV).

For those just seeing this story, Christopher was driving from his home in Denver to Ohio to visit his mother. He had medical issues which caused him to turn around before getting to Ohio. He was going into renal failure as he neared the North Platte interchange. It was then that he crashed his vehicle and KNOP-TV was sent to cover the crash for the news.

At the time of the accident, Chis went to the hospital, but the story continued because he had his two dogs, Ozzie and Sasha, with him. When responders went to remove the dogs from the crashed vehicle, Sasha - in his fear - dashed across the interstate. It took over an hour, nearly getting run over, and causing additional accidents, and the help of the North Platte Animal Control expert to finally get Sasha caught.

The North Platte Animal Shelter gave Sasha and Ozzie a place to stay while Chris was in the hospital.

Chris checked himself out of Great Plains Health, got his pals, and went home. Sadly, Chris passed away at his home during the night.

Not long after, Christopher’s friend Kyle reached out to KNOP to see if we could run a new story to find these two beautiful dogs a home - together. After all, they had been Christopher’s life. They were his emotional support dogs for PTSD from being a soldier in Desert Storm.

We planned to run a story, but a reporter with KNOP decided to meet Chris's friend Kyle in Sterling, Colorado and invite Sasha and Ozzie to be a part of her family. Kyle agreed wholeheartedly, and that is what happened.

Kyle wants to thank everyone in North Platte, on behalf of Chris and his family, for the love that was shown to Ozzie and Sasha while they were stranded in North Platte. Memorials for Chris have been suggested to all who knew him to go to the North Platte Animal Shelter. These were his babies, and he was so grateful.

Yes, North Platte loves her animals. What a blessing.