U.S. Senate candidate visits North Platte

Published: Mar. 6, 2020 at 12:45 PM CST
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A candidate running for U.S. Senate says he wants to support Nebraska farmers and ranchers through country of origin labeling with ag production.

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Matt Innis, traveled to North Platte Friday morning to interact and meet-and-greet with the public at the Lincoln Highway Diner at the North Platte Regional Airport.

He said he wants to represent Nebraskans at the national level and be a voice for the state on issues that he plans to ask individual community members about.

"When you elect somebody to Washington D.C., you are not electing them to rule you, you are sending them there to represent you," said Innis, "People forget that when they go to Washington D.C. and I got asked earlier today, 'how do you keep that from happening to you?' Well when you're not in session, your butt needs to be back in the community, listening to the people in the communities throughout Nebraska."

He said he wants to represent Nebraskans and be a voice for the state on issues such as 2nd amendment rights.

"I believe that the only reason we have a first amendment, and other rights in this country, is because we have a strong 2nd amendment and that is why it's being attacked by these socialist in the democrat party," said Innis,"I'm very pro-business, I'm pro-farm and ranch. I love Nebraska and I want to represent them."

Innis invited people to look at his website and look at "Matt on the Issues" and said if you write him, he will try to respond to anyone who wants to talk with him about what he stands for.

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