U.S. Cellular Wireless Warrior tent offers challenges and prizes to concert goers

Published: Jun. 22, 2019 at 12:23 AM CDT
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Concert goers who came to the Wild West Arena Friday could play some games and earn prizes courtesy of U.S. Cellular. The company had a tent set up called 'Wireless Warriors' and it had similar theming to a reality game show with lights and fog.

People could receive a wristband with a QR code on it attached to their name. Then there were three different gaming stations two people faced-off in.

The stations included a stationary bike that riders had to pedal the quickest to get a light to the top of a beam. While the bike was in motion, it could also charge a phone which they had all the attachments for.

Another station was a picture that had been scrambled players had to race to put it back in order.

And the last station was a wall of phones that would light up and the player would have to tap them when they lit up with the U.S. Cellular logo or a screen that said bonus points. There was also an option for bonus games.

Once complete, the players could redeem their points for prizes. The prizes included things like: chap sticks, clear backpacks, sunglasses, all the way up to a Nest Thermostat. The players could play each game up to five times in an effort to rack up points.

Everyone who played the games was eligible for $10,000 sweepstakes giveaway U.S. Cellular is doing.

The game booth will be set up Saturday night as well.

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