Sidney residents hit with scam targeting Verizon customers

Verizon posted on its official customer service Twitter that it had confirmed a widespread "texting outage."
Verizon posted on its official customer service Twitter that it had confirmed a widespread "texting outage."
Published: Apr. 2, 2019 at 4:12 PM CDT
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Sidney Police Department is warning their residents of a scam plaguing Verizon Wireless customers.

According to Sidney Police Chief Joe Aikens, they received a call on Tuesday from a resident who said a text message was sent to them claiming to be Verizon Wireless. In the message, the scammer told the victim their account had been compromised and to type in a PIN number that is given.

Chief Aikens says this is an attempt to gain the victim’s Verizon account and purchase accessories and even phones.

A customer service representative from Verizon Wireless admitted this scam has been going around and they first heard about it in Mid-March. She also said it is a widespread scam across the country in which the scammer is spoofing the Verizon number.

Although Verizon admitted this is happening they reassure its commitment to keeping their customer’s information safe and secure. The rep told NBC Nebraska the scammers are trying to hack into their customer’s My Verizon Accounts but because the security system is enhanced the scammers have to find other means to access.

The customer service representative affirms the company will not call you stating you owe on your account or that your account has been compromised. The company uses email and text messages as the main forms to get in contact with its customers. With that said, if you are ever unsure or worried about a recent message, you are to contact the Verizon Customer Service number.

Chief Aikens stated the best thing to do if any questions arise regarding your account is contact the company and speak to an actual person. He added they receive a new scam alert about every other day.

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