Veteran shot and killed by police defending his home

Colorado (KNOP) - A woman called the police from her home in Colorado telling 911 that a man was attacking her family. She said the man was in the bathroom drowning her grandson.

Richard Black, the homeowner and 73-year old veteran was holding a gun when officers responded to the report because he shot and killed the intruder, Dejan Harper, for trying to drown his grandson. An autopsy revealed that Harper was high on meth.

One of the two officers who responded to the report shot and killed Black in his own home a - veteran shot and killed by police defending his home from an intruder.

Family attorney Qusair Mohamedbhai said, "He died saving the life of his grandson. He died saving the life of his family."

The district attorney now says the officer who opened fire would not face charges - after reviewing video, determining he had reason to believe there was a threat.

That officer is now reassigned to a non-enforcement role, while the police department begins it's own investigation.