Water advisory lifted for the Village of Arnold

ARNOLD, Neb. -- The US Geological Survey was on site Thursday afternoon monitoring the water levels.

They say they didn't expect the South Loup River to rise at the levels it did.

However, the levels were not just a concern for USGS, but also for the town.

Village officials issued a water advisory Wednesday to protect residents and the wastewater treatment plant.

"We've got a bridge that usually comes close to watching out, this time it came a lot closer, so that was our main concern," said Arnold Village Superintendent Doug DeLaune. "So as time went on watching the river rise, we started being really concerned with the plant."

DeLaune says the water levels receded six feet by Thursday morning.

Officials will continue to monitor the area.


From a Facebook post from the Village of Arnold:

"Wastewater Plant is nearly overflowing it is imperative that we all go to minimal use of water until further notice. This information is coming from The Village Superintendent Doug DeLaune and Harvey Foran. No showers no baths no washing laundry and minimal toilet flushing! This could be an incredibly serious condition!"