Volunteers help Dawson County family recover after tornado hits

COZAD, Neb. KNOP After an EF1 torando ripped through his farm Friday evening, Justin Kinnan is still in disbelief.

"I never thought this would ever happen," Kinnan said.

Kinnan's farm is located two and half miles northeast of Cozad and says his family was watching the storm closely when suddenly they knew it was time to take cover.

"We had about 30 seconds and finally we got into the crawl space," Kinnan said. "You could see the debris moving and there were windows in the house and the garage doors were all shaking."

When it stopped, they stepped outside.

"It lasted for maybe 30 to 40 seconds," he said. "It was dead still after we came out."

Kinnan says he found lots of debris scattered throughout his field.

"I came around the corner and I saw a bunch of tin laying over there in the ditch, so then I kept walking and I saw the whole side of the shop building that was missing,' he said. "That's when I knew we had problems."

About a dozen volunteers showed up Saturday morning to help clean up.

"It's sad. They spend a lot of time building the shop and now it's gone," said neighbor Kaleb Pohl. "If it would've came through our house we would've like to have help also. It'd be hard to pick all of this up by yourself."

Kinnan says he had his quonset for only a year. Half of the structure was destroyed by the tornado.

"Everybody is safe and so that's the main thing,"he said. "We'll probably find stuff in the fields for weeks when we are farming I'm sure, so it's good to have the help. However, not everybody's got an 86-year-old grandpa that can come over and help pick stuff back up, so it's pretty neat to see that."