All Custer Public Power District meters restored after ice and wind

Seneca, NEB. (KNOP) - A combination of ice accumulation and strong winds Saturday and Sunday left widespread damage to poles and lines in the Custer Public Power District. Custer Public Power District reports over 350 customers have restored power, as of Sunday.

Custer Public Power District spent the weekend restoring power to many of their customers in the Tryon, Thedford, and Mullen area. They continue to work to restore customers north and south of Seneca, Monday. Ice accumulation and wind broke at least 30 poles. (SOURCE: Melanie Standiford KNOP News 2).

On Monday, a few customers north and south of Seneca remain without power, Custer announcing that all power was restored in the remaining areas by late Monday afternoon.

Custer Public Power District General Manager Rick Nelson said, "Everyone has been working very hard to get everybody back on.'

Approximately 40 poles have been broken, and CPPD continues to find damage. Nelson said as people get out and about this week, should they see anything that does not look right, they should contact the power district.

Call 1-888-749-2453 to report outages or unsafe power line conditions.

CPPD had about 350 confirmed customers west of Tryon, the Thedford area, and Mullen experience outages Saturday and Sunday. Most were restored by Sunday, except for a few customers in the Seneca area which were restored Monday afternoon.

Nelson said for most of Custer's service territory, the warmer temperatures on Friday night saved Custer from having even more damage as much of the ice that did accumulate melted off.