Warning against ticket scammers for Neland Days concerts

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP Concert tickets for Kane Brown are selling out across the country and already ticket scammers are lurking behind the keyboards hoping to make some quick cash.

Nebraskaland Days officials say it's happening much sooner than what they've experienced in the past.

In fact, two people recently purchased a 125 dollar ticket from a third party website that generally costs 49 dollars on the Nebraskaland Days website.

"The reason we knew because they walked in here with the actual tickets they received from that vendor and there was a different URL on top of that receipt and the price was astronomical compared to the face value," said Nebraskaland Days Executive Director David Fudge. "So we knew what the website was, we're aware of it and when we have opportunities to try and do something about that we do."

Fudge recommends buying tickets from a reputable website.

If you buy from a person, make sure you know who they are and you trust them.

Any further questions should be relayed to the Nebraskaland Days office.