Water levels rising steadily at Lake McConaughy

Lake McConaughy is rising at a steady level. (Source: Madison Clark/KNOP-TV)
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OGALLALA, Neb. (KNOP) - On the beaches of Lake McConaughy, water elevation and shorelines are a steady and usual level for this time of the year.

Though that could change any day, depending on what Mother Nature decides to send our way from our neighbors out West.

"The inflows have picked up a lot in the past two weeks. We're getting enough water in right now that McConaughy is coming up about a tenth of a foot a day. So every ten days we're up another foot. A lot of that has to do with rain right now. The snow pack hasn't really started coming down yet. So we may see some higher inflows yet," said Nate Nielsen, Foreman of the Kingsley Dam for Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation.

"It will have a lot to do with how quickly the snow pack in Colorado and Wyoming comes off the mountains. If it comes off slowly, we shouldn't get a whole lot more. But if it comes off quickly then we'd expect it to come up a lot more," continued Nielsen.

Nielsen says the influx of water is good for farmers who will use it soon for irrigation. But such is not the case for campers hoping to enjoy the sandy beaches.

"They're a little bit higher than they were last year, if you'd been here last year. It might be a little higher. This is bad news for camping for the 4th of July. If it comes up another three or four feet that's not going to leave much sand," said Nielsen.