Wild West Arena to get new building

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We're still months away from NEBRASKAland DAYS but work is already underway on a new project aimed at enhancing the experience for visitors.

Sponsors play a big role in making NEBRASKAland DAYS happen. Executive Director David Fudge says without them, tickets would be a lot higher.

Right now there is a project underway that will give an upgrade for those people who help make the festival possible. Those coming to the Wild West Arena this NEBRASKAland DAYS will be met with a new landmark.

"The hard part about what we do out here is finding new ways build new experiences into the venue. It's fifty years old," said Executive Director David Fudge.

An area that was once home to a tent will now be home to a brand new building. In just three months, the foundation has already come up for the two story building.

The project will cost around $500,000, close to half of it is being paid for by a grant from the visitors bureau. Tickets and fundraisers will pay for the rest of the cost.

One new feature will be a balcony that people will be able to go out on. Electrical wiring and other features still need to be put into place but come rodeo time, spectators will be able to view festivities from a whole new level.