Wind gusts wreak havoc in North Platte

Wild winds wreaked havoc across North Platte today.

The Public Service Department was busy Wednesday night into Thursday responding to calls about signs that had been effected by the wind. Many stop signs and other traffic signs were either broken or had been blown away.

The Swan's Furniture Sign crashed onto the ground Thursday afternoon due to heavy winds. Owner Libby Lashley says she was glad no one was harmed in the incident, but upset over losing her large sign.

Public Service Director Layne Groseth says the wind and the damage it did was his team's main concern from this storm system.

"Mainly the things the wind is causing that we're worried about is power lines and the things that get to power lines, tree branches breaking down and things like that. There are a few places that have water in the ditches and high water, but we haven't had any flooding issues so we're very fortunate with that," said Groseth.

Groseth added that the spring to do list for the department is very high because of extreme conditions this winter. There will be much more damage from the wind to repair and potholes to fix.