Woman pays off her mortgage then burns it in celebration

Linda Popham burns her mortgage paperwork after paying it off. Her house was financed through Habitat for Humanity and Friday, she made her final payment and burned her paperwork in celebration. (Source: Holly Barraclough, KNOP TV)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - A North Platte woman burned her mortgage paperwork Friday after making her final payment on her house.

Linda Popham moved into her home in North Platte in 2002. The home was donated to Habitat for Humanity and moved onto the lot it sits on now at 1120 West 10th Street.

Friday she made her final payment of $14.44, which was the remainder of her mortgage, to Habitat and then burned her mortgage paperwork.

Linda and her daughter Ashley said they are excited and love their house.

"I'm just so excited I can't believe I made it," said Linda. "I like the house because it has the kitchen and has counters to where I am short and I can stand on the counters to get in the cupboard," said Ashley.

Linda said she wants to thank Habitat for Humanity for their assistance in getting her house. "I'd like to thank them for struggling along with me and bearing with me on my payments and everything," said Linda, "I just try to put away money and stuff so that way I know I have it so I can get it paid for."

Executive Director of North Platte Area Habitat for Humanity, Dalene Skates, said this is the first time they have done a burn the mortgage part, but she hopes it's the first of many.

The house was donated to Habitat and was moved to the land it now sits on, which was also donated to Habitat. Habitat revamped the home and Popham moved in with her son, Tyler. Popham now lives there with Tyler (20) and her daughter Ashley (11).

After she burned her paperwork, people in attendance celebrated with cake and ice cream.