Woman sentenced for her role in 2016 Dawson County murder

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LEXINGTON, Neb. (KNOP) - A 36-year-old woman learned her sentence Monday on an accessory to a murder charge from October 2016.

Melissa Callahan was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 24 months of intensive supervised probation.

Callahan is accused of moving and concealing the body of her then-boyfriend, Jose Hernandez.

Hernandez was shot and killed north of Lexington at Manuel Juarez Mendez's home.

Juarez Mendez was formerly known as Jose Regalado Mendez.

Attorney Charles Brewster said his client feared for her life the night the murder occurred and followed Mendez's orders.

Hernandez's remains were found on December 2016.

"He had a gun, she seen him use it and he had her keys to her car and her ability to escape was non-existent, but she was able to talk her way out of it," Brewster said. "She made a mistake after that though, she didn't immediately report to law enforcement. Looking back, I think she knows she should've done that so she panicked and she ran."

Judge James Doyle also sentenced Callahan to 24 months of probation and 90 days jail for two probation violations. Those sentences will run concurrent.

However, Callahan can have the jail sentence waived, if she successfully completes probation.

"If you continue to hang around with all of the people that you've used drugs with before, or bought drugs, or sold drugs to, you will go back to your former ways, so I am just telling you right now, you are looking at two years in prison if you don't so well here." said Judge James Doyle. "This will be the time to take heed of what your lawyer said, change your life."

Callahan is also due back in court on June 21 for a separate drug charge and will go before a 12 person jury on July 9.