Women's resource center to move

North Platte, Neb. (KNOP) - North Platte's Women's Resource Center is being moved from their current location at 316 East Front Street to 209 McNeel Lane. The move is anticipated by May 5th.

May 5-6 is when one of the Center's biggest fundraiser occurs, as well. Their "Walk For Life," will hopefully coincide closely with their open house for their new location.

Volunteers have been working diligently to remove walls and build the new building to suit the needs of the center.

Linda Logsdon, Executive Director of the Women's Resource Center, was happy to show where the "boutique" would be located in the new building. The center offers an incentive program for individuals who take classes as they work through and manage an unplanned pregnancy.

When they go to classes, or finish certain milestones, they recieve credits to purchase items in a boutique, such as baby clothes, diapers, formula or toys.

Every program - from free pregnancy tests to an ultrasound and classes, is free to clients. Logsdon reported that the numbers of clients have grown from around 100 a month to 150-160 a month.

"We are bursting at the seams," she said of the current building at 316 Front Street.

A Capitol Campaign will fund the event. They will spend 1.2 million dollars over the next three years. This will fund the purchase of the new building, the renovation, and three years of operating costs.

The center is supported solely by individuals, churches, businesses and fund raisers. The fund raisers include the "Walk for Life," and a fall fundraiser.

The center is a faith-based non-profit organization which began as a telephone hotline in 1973. It expanded to a basement, and then a store front, and now to its current location. The ministry, as Logsdon called it, calls upon the support of volunteers, and volunteers are always needed and appreciated.

Clients will continue to be seen at 316 Front Street until the grand opening of the new building in May.