YMCA nears completion

GOTHENBURG, Neb. It's been about a year since the community of Gothenburg broke ground on their new YMCA.

"The YMCA is all about us, the community of us," said YMCA Brand Director Julie Czochara.

For the past nine months, the YMCA has mainly functioned out of the Wellness Center, local schools and hotels.

"We run programs anywhere we can," Czochara said.

Which is why Czochara says the $4.9 million facility is a necessity.

"The community wanted something more because they are growing,"' she said. "When new families come into the area, the first thing they ask is "what do you have here for families?" Now we can say we have a YMCA."

Czochara says construction is on track and on target for their April 17th completion date.

"It is about 85 percent complete and we are 99 percent there with our fundraising for the actual building," she said. "Everyone has taken part in it, it's not just one donor, it's multiple donors and all of the people in the community that have worked together to make this a better us."

The Gothenburg Pony Express Foundation recently donated $55,000 to the Gothenburg Hospital Foundation to be used toward the community YMCA Building.

A grand opening is scheduled for April 27th.