Youth Range Camp moves to Curtis

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Curtis, Neb. (KNOP) - After spending over 50 years in Halsey, the Nebraska Youth Range Camp has found a new home in the canyons outside of Curtis.

Students participate in plant identification courses and learn new range management practices at the Nebraska Youth Range Camp in Curtis. (Source: Madison Clark\KNOP-TV)

"It's been up at Halsey for about 50 years. The very first few years of camp it was in Curtis. So it's almost like we're coming back. We wanted to start rotating across the state a little bit with some locations so it's good to see some different range land here in the Curtis area," says Camp Director Shelly Kelly.

49 high school aged students from across the state are learning range management practices and how to participate in range identification contests.

A majority of the students are from the Sandhills, and aren't used to the soils and plants they've seen around Curtis.

"I really like the different plant community and the different soils. I'm from the Sandhills and we only have the three kinds. So getting to see these different soil types, that's really cool," says range camp participant Sheridan Wilson of Arthur.

Students got to go on the summer grazing tours of local ranches Wednesday afternoon, and will wrap up their range camp experience on Thursday.