New White House Press Secretary vows to tell the truth

Published: Jan. 23, 2017 at 5:12 PM CST
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The first press conference of the Trump administration was crowded and lasted more than an hour.

The new press secretary Sean Spicer talked about policy issues and had a back and forth with the press over what he called negative coverage of the Trump administration.

Spicer said that Trump is going to be a pro-life president, and called him a president who will listen to the American public.

Spicer vowed to always tell the truth.

"It's an honor to do this and yes I believe we have to be honest with the American people. I think some times we can disagree with the facts. There are some things we may not fully understand when we come out. Our intention is never to lie to you," said Spicer.

The White House announced that there will be four additional reporters inside the briefing room. They will be joining the briefing via Skype from outside of Washington and will have the ability to ask questions.