Chicken Valle D' Auge


Chicken Thighs
Olive Oil
Heavy Cream
Chicken Stock
Apple Cider
Boiler Onions
Half Lemon
Chopped Italian Parsley


1) Add oil to your pan as well as adding butter, then let the butter melt.
2) Salt and pepper the chicken then add to the pan skin side down.
3) Turn the chicken over after it has browned and add your onions and shallots, then remove the excess fat.
4) Pour out fat and then add apples, a little lemon juice, add Cognac, then let it die down. Once it has died down add the chicken stock and cider.
5) Put this in the oven for 350 degrees until fork tender about 15-20 minutes.
6) Take out of the oven, add your heavy cream and a little more Cognac, as well as adding your fresh chopped parsley.
7) Serve onto a plate and add fresh parsley on top and enjoy with some Cambria Chardonnay to drink.