Classic Chocolate Mousse


-Whipped Cream
-Vanilla Extract
-Ghirardelli Chocolate
-Grand Marnier Cognac
-Heavy Whipped Cream


1) First we will make the meringue. Add egg whites, sugar, vanilla extract to a mixing bowl and mix
2) In another bowl with your chocolate nice and melted, add egg yolk and mix.
3) Add in your Grand Marnier to the chocolate and mix that in. Then you will want to add in your meringue.
4) Add your chocolate meringue to the whipped cream and mix.
5) Make sure its nice and folded in, let chill
6) Add your chocolate mousse to a nice serving dish. Add a little whipped cream to the top.
7) Take your chocolate Ghirardelli bar and cut some shavings, finish with shavings on top of your Chocolate Mousse.