Pumpkin Ravioli


Pumpkin (Steamed and Pureed)
Ricotta Cheese (Drained)
Sage Parmesan
Mozzarella (Shredded or Cubed)
Fresh Parsley
Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)


-Get a bowl out and add two to three cups of pumpkin puree in the bowl
-Add 1 cup of ricotta cheese, some mascarpone, fresh parsley, a touch of olive oil, a little salt (not too much), and add cheese to this, pepper 10 to 15 turns, a dd a little bit of parmesan, and some mozzarella
-Lightly fold ingredients together
-Taste to make sure it's seasoned properly

-Put corn meal, similian, or flour on counter top
-Make sure salted water is boiling
-Lay pasta down on corn meal counter top
-Spoon pumpkin pureed mixture onto the sheet of pasta to make a pocket of filling
-Take finger or pastry brush and brush with egg or water on sides of each ravioli making a square around the filling (this is to help the two sheets of pasta stick together to form Ravioli
- Lay other sheet of pasta on top making sure to match the bottom layer
-Press around each of the spoonfuls of filling
-Cut the Raviolis into squares
-Press firmly with a fork on the sides of the ravioli

-Drop Raviolis into the gently boiling water
-Let the Raviolis cook for about six to eight minutes (when the Raviolis float to the top of the water that means they are done)

-Melt butter in pan until the sides of the butter turn brown
-Add some salt and a little bit of pepper
-Once butter is brown add sage leaves and a little bit of pasta water

-Add the Raviolis to the sage butter and let the Raviolis steam up
-Toss the Raviolis in the sage butter sauce
-Lay a few Raviolis in a bowl and add more sauce to the top of the raviolis, being sure to add the little bits of sage on top as well
-Add cheese to the top of Raviolis
-Garnish with Sage