2019 RPAC All-Conference Volleyball selections

Sommer leads the Wildcats in kills this season, plays three other sports, and is the one of the valedictorians at Maxwell High School (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The 2019 RPAC All-Conference Volleyball teams were released over the weekend.

1st Team
West Division
Jaycee Widener - Maywood/Hayes Center
Haylee Sandman - Wauneta-Palisade
Avery Johnson - Maywood/Hayes Center
Shayne Porter - Hitchcock County
Janie Sommer - Maxwell
Lindsey Rippen - Hitchcock County
Alexa Sandman - Wauneta-Palisade

East Division
Korynn Clason - Cambridge
Lauren Samuelson - Southern Valley
Erin Boggs - Bertrand
Grace Hogeland - Southern Valley
Madison Schuller - Alma
Johanna Ford - Bertrand
Jada High - Bertrand

2nd Team
West Division
Ashlin Broz - Maywood/Hayes Center
Jessie Freeland - Dundy County-Stratton
Michaela Dukes - Wauneta-Palisade
Sydney Pelster - Wallace
Sydney Reichert - Dundy County-Stratton
Karlie Finley - Wallace
Taryn Burrell - Dundy County-Stratton

East Division
Carlee Stuhmer - Alma
Jennifer Moenning-Linden - Southern Valley
Acelyn Klein - Medicine Valley
Caylin Barnett - Southwest
Aleya Hueftle - Bertrand
Jadyn Brooks - Southwest
Allison Rippe - Southwest

Honorable Mentions
West Division
Kass Kisker - Hitchcock County
Maggie Lutz - Dundy County-Stratton
Jaycee Lapp - Maywood/Hayes Center
Josie Callihan - Paxton
Mak Vedder - Maxwell
Neleigh Hauxwell - Hitchcock County
Aspen Teeter - Hitchcock County
Jasmine Burch - Paxton
Quinn Koop - Wallace
Josie Huffman - Maxwell
Olivia Hansen - Maywood/Hayes Center
Lexi Wood - Maywood/Hayes Center

East Division
Breelle Miller - Cambridge
Jordan Hilmer - Bertrand
Kaylyn Roblee - Medicine Valley
Terri Hilker - Arapahoe
Mandy Schoen - Southern Valley
Sabra Schmidt - Medicine Valley
Bailey Truksa - Southwest