American Legion district baseball preview

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- For six North Platte First National Seniors this weeks practices could be there last.

"Hard to see those guys go but they've put a lot of work into the program and it's always a tough time at the end of the year when you know guys aren't going to come back but yeah it'll be six this year."

The six leaving are Caden Comer, Peyton Vieyra, Benny Brockmoller, Kade Wroot, Braiden Ruffin, Braiden Ruffin .

Of the six, three will be furthering their baseball career. Caden Comer will be heading to Southeast Community College in Beatrice. Braiden Ruffin is leaving for Cochise College in Arizona. Benny Brockmoller will be playing for McCook Community College.

"[I will miss] just playing here every night and listening to the same old music every single night. Every time I hear that music I just think of Bill Wood," says Benny Brockmoller.

Never mind that their team has never won a state title, head coach Jason Pflughaupt just wants teach his players one basic rule in life.

"We're just teaching or preaching to these guys that you get out of it what you put in to it. You know you work hard and you do the things you got to do if you win you win if you lose you lose," says Pflughaupt

Life lessons a side the First Nationals are taking it one game at a time going into districts and standing in their way is a familiar foe.

"I'm ready to play Kearney again. I think that we played them pretty good last time and I think we got a good chance," says Brockmoller.

"I look forward to playing Kearney most of all. It's our first game so I'm just going to go in there and get that first game out of the way," says Peyton Vieyra."