Area youth soccer players given the opportunity to train with Brazilian player

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Omar and Rebeca Garcia are originally from Mexico, and arrived in North Platte a few weeks ago. They want to give the Hispanic community in the area events and activities to participate in, and their first event is a youth soccer camp that has been hosted in other Nebraska cities, but never before in North Platte.

Local youth soccer players have the opportunity to train with Brazilian soccer player Gilson Sena at a soccer camp (Credit: Patrick Johnstone/KNOP-TV)

The event, which runs from Aug. 8-10, is to be held at Centennial Park, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., but was held at Calvary Baptist Church on Thursday due to rain.

The event is open for children ages five to 12, offers soccer training, games, snack, a bible teaching, and it is free. Brazilian soccer player Gilson Sena will be doing the training at the camp.

Through a translator, Sena described the experience of working with the kids at camps across Nebraska.

"It's been everything, and when [I] saw some of the kids putting the soccer ball on their back, [I] just got excited about how kids wanted to do the same. But, right now, [I've] got [my] wife, and a little baby, and they're back in Norfolk. [I'm] excited about how this can grow," Sena said.

In today's age of technology, Sena says it's important to involved kids in athletics.

"[I] think it's very important that kids are going out from, even sometimes electronics and other things. We believe that we need to be with the kids, encourage them, and give them another opportunity with sports. [I] really enjoys to teach what he knows," Sena said.

Sena hopes to camp can expand. He also cites his faith as a reason he participates in the camp, as he is thankful for the opportunities he has been given.

"What [I] want is this to grow, and we invite more kids, get more with the youth, involve more people, so they can help us as volunteers, and we can even draw them closer to a church, or God, and they can have a relationship with Jesus," Sena said.

To register for the camp, call 531-777-3640.