B-6 District Softball: North Platte Vs. Scottsbluff

SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNOP)--- The road bulldogs looking to advance into tomorrow morning action.

Third inning North Platte down 1-0 but Abby Orr changes that as she takes the pitch deep and over the fence for a solo home run..
We are tied at one.

Still in the third, Bulldogs would get two runners on the bases and Karsyn Buttler takes the pitch all the way off the scoreboard for a 3-run jack, North Platte up 4--1 and they would add another run to lead --1.

Fourth inning now on the short fly watch the great glove work from Orr.
And after a weather delay North Platte pulls out the 11-8 win over Scottsbluff.