Frost talks Huskers, what a successful season entails at Big Ten Media Days

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ROSEMONT, Ill. – Tuesday
Big Ten Media Days continued Tuesday, and we caught up with former Husker All-American and Outland Trophy winner Aaron Taylor and former Husker and current Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez.

Taylor talked about the Huskers going forward and what it means to have Scott Frost leading the program, but he also talked about his favorite Husker memory. Any guesses?

“Walking off the field versus Tennessee as a national champion, which is great, but yet, you gave Coach Osborne a win on his last game out, and that’s my most favorite memory...I love that man, we all love him, and that’s one of my favorite memories, able to send him out into retirement a winner," Taylor said.

As far as Frost goes, Taylor said the Huskers now have "one of the brightest minds in college football" leading the program and he's excited about what Frost and his staff bring to the table. While Taylor said it'll take a little time to get the program to where it needs to be, the Huskers are going to compete under Frost and that alone is exciting.

Alvarez also talked about Frost and what he'll bring to Nebraska.

“He’ll bring trust, I think the people in Nebraska, they know him, they trust him," Alvarez said. "He understands Nebraska, he understands what they’re about.”

Alvarez also said he knew it was important for his program at Wisconsin to do what Nebraska used to do and what Frost and his staff are looking to get back to: have a strong walk-on program and play physical, especially in the trenches.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin's Head Coach Paul Chryst talked a little about Lincoln Southeast graduate and current Badger Bryson Williams, saying, "He's fun to be around and you appreciate, he came and had a purpose, he attacked spring ball and the summer...It's been fun having him here and I think he's got a great potential. I think he's giving himself a chance to get on the field earlier than later."

The Huskers will play in Madison, Wisconsin on October 6, this season.

You can see the interviews with Taylor and Alvarez above, and watch 1011 NOW at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. Tuesday for extra Huskers content and live reports from Chicago.

We'll additional Husker content to this story at the conclusion of Big Ten Media Days.
Husker football is only 40 days away, but who's counting, right? On Monday, Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost spoke to media at Big Ten Media Days.

Most of what Frost said early Monday afternoon were things he said to local media during the spring. You can seen different clips from his press conference, as well as the full 15-minute Q&A, above. In case you didn't see it, here are few notable things to take away from Frost's Big Ten Media Days press conference.

One of the more interesting questions surrounding the Huskers this year is who will be the starting quarterback. Frost said it'll be a battle for the job, but he'd like to name a starter by at least a week before the season-opener. After Patrick O'Brien's transfer, and with Noah Vedral having to sit out for a year after transferring from UCF, the front-runners seem to be redshirt freshman Tristan Gebbia and true freshman Adrian Martinez, although Andrew Bunch had some nice moments in the Spring Game, too.

No, Frost didn't name a starter or even a front-runner in the position battle Monday, but he did talk about he and his staff's system and how it can highlight a quarterback. He also said he's proud of their track record with quarterbacks, having Marcus Mariota at Oregon lead the nation in pass efficiency, the next year Vernon Adams lead the nation in pass efficiency, and last year having McKenzie Milton come in second only to Baker Mayfield.

Those three quarterbacks had six offers out of high school combined, and all thrived in Frost's system, so Nebraska fans should feel confident that Frost and his staff will run their offense to best fit whoever ultimately wins the starting job. As for the number one trait Frost needs his quarterback to have, Frost said, "He has to be a fast blinker, he has to be able to process information really quickly and be a step ahead of the game, and all the quarterbacks we've had have had that trait."

Frost was also asked what it's like recruiting kids who don't necessarily know or remember the glory days of Nebraska football. Frost said it's been an interesting task, but the athletes they've recruited have responded really well to the coaching staff and have been "drawn to us." He noted that while many recruits may not know Nebraska from when it was dominant in the '90s, their parents mostly do. "It's our job to make sure that the new generation remembers Nebraska for what it is and what it should be, and we're in the process of making sure that the kids that we're gonna recruit going forward see Nebraska as one of the top programs in the country."

One of the other differences with Nebraska today versus when the program was a powerhouse is the lack of rivalry games, although some may consider Iowa a rivalry game. Frost said he does see the potential for rivalry games to develop in the Big Ten, but added that part of it is on Nebraska not being as strong as it should be to really make rivals. "Rivalries will come when we play the way we should," he said.

Finally, Frost said the team has to get better in a lot of areas this season, but it's imperative that overall the team just gets better each and every day. Putting aside wins and losses, Frost said if the team gets better every day, it'll be a successful season and the results will eventually take care of themselves.

Frost and his staff are committed to getting things turned around at Nebraska, and while we've still got six weeks until we'll start to see how the Huskers are going to fare under Frost this year, fans should be optimistic that better days are ahead for the football program, and the staff is happy to be in charge of leading that turnaround. "As tough as it was to leave our kids down in Florida, I think we made the right decision."

Frost and the three players representing the Huskers in Chicago, Jerald Foster, Stanley Morgan Jr., and Mick Stoltenberg, are scheduled to speak to the media later in the day Monday. Big Ten Media Days wraps up Tuesday.

To see what Frost had to say about the playoff format and Tom Osborne, you can see his full press conference above.

We'll continue to update this story with more from Frost and the Huskers as Big Ten Media Days continues.

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