Boys basketball preview: North Platte Bulldogs

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- The North Platte boys basketball team opens up their season on November 30, hosting Kearney Catholic.

Coming into the season, the Bulldogs are not a tall team, so they are going to have to beat opponents in other ways, which is something head coach Matt Kaminski knows.

"Well everybody's gonna talk about our size, we're not a very big team, but we have some things that we feel like we combat against other teams as far as our quickness, and our ball handling, and our shooting," Kaminski said.

Senior guard Caleb Horne is also aware of the team's lack of height.

"We just gotta work harder every day in practice and be better than yesterday. Obviously we're not very tall, we don't have much height, but we have a lot of guys who can shoot the ball," Horne said.

Horne and fellow senior guard Kiya Kramer know they have to be leaders on this team, and have an idea of what they need to do to help the players around them.

"When somebody doesn't really know what to do, don't just yell at them, help them figure out and show them how to do it right so next time they can do it right," Horne said.

"Tell them that in practice just work as hard as they can, because from the freshman level to the JV and varsity level, the pace change is quite fast. So, tell them to go 110% in practice so they're kind of used to the game," Kramer said.

Overall, Kaminski is optimistic about this group of seniors. According to him, this group of seniors ranks among the best he's had in the eight years coaching at North Platte.

"We've been really encouraged by our senior class this year. They're just really good leaders, they work really hard, they want to see their teammates do well," Kaminski said.

"The seniors have talked a little bit about coming up with a slogan called 'rise up'. They kind of adopted that. They want to rise up to another level, they want to rise up to adversity, and they want to rise up and hold each other accountable," Kaminski added.