Buffalo Bill Rodeo Specialty Act 2019: Bobby Kerr and the Mustang Magic

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)--- This year's specialty act at the Buffalo Bill Rodeo is Bobby Kerr from Texas and the Mustang Magic.
After being on the Mustang Makeover and Mustang Million TV shows, he's finished in the top five every year he's entered.

It all started out as just an idea.
"You know, put a lot of time and gambled. I was trucking, driving a truck before that and I parked my truck and spent all my time with the horse," said mustang trainer and performer Bobby Kerr.

Choosing to train wild mustangs for 120 days and after those four months, how the progress of the horse in a competition and hopefully make the finals where they perform a freestyle routine.

Kerr said, "I kind of got popular with my freestyles and wound up as a specialty act for professional rodeos."

And he's always trying to change-up his acts.

"I've always had this wild west show way of thinking. In my youth the people up the road, there was a 4B ranch Wild West show and rodeo company and I hung around there all the time. Your hometown hero, Buffalo Bill, I've watched his old videos and I'm very driven by him," said Kerr.

But really he wants to prove the talent of these horses.

"Trying to get them gentle and create that bond. And once you get over the hump and get that bond and they're not afraid of you no more," said Kerr. "You know and I basically show the crowd what you can do with a wild horse. You know a lot of people have wrote these horses off and they're very trainable."

And it'd be easy to get burnt out on the road but Kerr says he and his wife love it.

"We've got this rodeo family that we've got over these last five, six years. And seeing the smile on people's faces after I get doing a performance. And after every performance, someone comes over there and wants to know how to adopt these mustangs. It's changed my life and I love my career," Kerr said.