Bulldog weightlifters finish second in Lexington meet

Left to Right: Coach Chromy, Jackson Carter, Dalton Lunkwitz, Aiden McCracken, Nic Davis, Julian Rodriquez, Nick Spradlin, Matt Musselman, Coach Rice (Credit: Todd Rice)
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LEXINGTON, Neb. (KNOP) - NPHS had seven athletes compete in the Lexington Powerlifting meet on Saturday, December 7th. Athletes competed by weight class and complete the bench press, squat, and deadlift. Athletes are given three attempts to lift as much weight as they can in each lift. The best attempt at each lift is then added together to figure the athlete’s total pounds lifted. Athletes then earn individual medals and team points based off of their total pounds lifted.

Individual results:
Name: Wt class Squat Bench Deadlift Total lbs Place
Aiden McCracken 165 305 225 395 930 1st
Julian Rodriguez 220 150 125 200 475
Nic Davis 242 365 255 405 1025 1st
Matt Musselman 242 395 220 375 990 2nd
Jackson Carter 242 275 195 365 835 3rd
Nick Spradlin 275 335 245 455 1035 1st
Dalton Lunkwitz HWT 385 240 455 1080 1st

Team totals – The Bulldogs finished in 2nd place as a team.

“I was really pleased with our efforts and that our athletes competed well. Powerlifting is a fun sport and allows athletes an opportunity to work toward personal best attempts, while also competing against other athletes,” said coach Todd Rice.

The Bulldogs will again compete on February 1st at Omaha Creighton Prep. Prep will host the All Class RAW State Powerlifting Championship meet.

“I hope that we can add more athletes to our team and hopefully fill more weight classes for this event. It is exciting to see the continued gains that our athletes are making in our weight program,” Rice said.