Class B, C, D District 4 wrestling final results

NSAA District wrestling matches were held Friday and Saturday to determine which wrestlers qualified for state.

**Top four wrestlers in each weight class qualify for state**

Class B District 4
(Held at Ogallala)
1st Place - Quinton Chavez of Gering
2nd Place - Austin Munier of Sidney
3rd Place - Ivan Lazo of Lexington
4th Place - Jullian Stiver of McCook

1st Place - Paul Garcia of Scottsbluff
2nd Place - Jace Russman of Cozad
3rd Place - Cameron Brauer of Sidney
4th Place - Jaylan Ruffin of North Platte

1st Place - Paul Ruff of Alliance
2nd Place - Ean Bailey of Lexington
3rd Place - Brock Little of North Platte
4th Place - Jacob Peckham of Sidney

1st Place - Darian Diaz of North Platte
2nd Place - Nate Rocheleau of Gering
3rd Place - Kevin Price of Scottsbluff
4th Place - Talyn Campbell of McCook

1st Place - Wyatt Hotz of Gothenburg
2nd Place - Jerryd Hernandez of Scottsbluff
3rd Place - Gage Stokey of Ogallala
4th Place - Brady Fago of Lexington

1st Place - Trey Arellano of Sidney
2nd Place - Treven Melroy of Holdrege
3rd Place - Tate Felber of McCook
4th Place - Breckin Loftin of Cozad

1st Place - Devontae Gutierrez of Scottsbluff
2nd Place - Trystan Berry of Lexington
3rd Place - Cameron Zink of Ogallala
4th Place - Brody Raines of Sidney

1st Place - Blake Hoffmaster of Cozad
2nd Place - KC Higer of Sidney
3rd Place - Philip Halstead of Alliance
4th Place - Jacob Awiszus of Gering

1st Place - Riley Kopf of Lexington
2nd Place - Jake Lemmon of Chadron
3rd Place - Cash Arensdorf of North Platte
4th Place - Brady Robb of Sidney

1st Place - Conner Wescoat of Cozad
2nd Place - Gavyn Brauer of North Platte
3rd Place - Brock Skinner of Ogallala
4th Place - Kody Hahn of McCook

1st Place - Alec Langan of McCook
2nd Place - Clark Riesen of Chadron
3rd Place - Aidan Stuart of Lexington
4th Place - Matthew Escamilla of Alliance

1st Place - Imanol Munoz of Holdrege
2nd Place - Lance Cattin of Chadron
3rd Place - Jayden Bauer of Alliance
4th Place - Jared Cole of McCook

1st Place - Trent Weak of Holdrege
2nd Place - Cade Stott of Cozad
3rd Place - Colin Giron of McCook
4th Place - Baily Hood of Alliance

1st Place - Josh Stallbaumer of Cozad
2nd Place - Jade Wurth of Lexington
3rd Place - Isaiah Beye of Chadron
4th Place - Hunter Cunningham of McCook

Class C District 4
(Held at Broken Bow)
1st Place - Casey Benavides of Bridgeport
2nd Place - Jarrett Battershaw of Valentine
3rd Place - Trevin Edwards of Loomis/Bertrand
4th Place - Chet Fisher of Southern Valley

1st Place - Chris Williams of Valentine
2nd Place - Jacob Hilmer of Loomis/Bertrand
3rd Place - Jordan Cluff of Kimball
4th Place - Matt Bruns of Hershey

1st Place - Spencer Gaffney of Broken Bow
2nd Place - Tobin Olson of Valentine
3rd Place - Kaden Boyce of Ord
4th Place - Gage Musser of Hershey

1st Place - Casey Faulkenberry of Broken Bow
2nd Place - Justin Davis of Hemingford
3rd Place - John Tenbensel of Cambridge
4th Place - John Kenney of Loomis/Bertrand

1st Place - Gage Krolikowski of Valentine
2nd Place - Christopher Feldner of Kearney Catholic
3rd Place - Carter Buchheit of Hemingford
4th Place - Max Palomo of Mitchell

1st Place - Morgan McGinley of Valentine
2nd Place - Trevor Widener of Bridgeport
3rd Place - Kadin Perez of Mitchell
4th Place - Layne Shiers of Kearney Catholic

1st Place - Chase Olson of Valentine
2nd Place - Garret Kluthe of Ord
3rd Place - Zach Rogers of Kearney Catholic
4th Place - Shawn Anderson of Southern Valley

1st Place - Cole Ulmer of Broken Bow
2nd Place - Gunnar Battershaw of Valentine
3rd Place - Hayden Hoos of Gordon-Rushville
4th Place - Josh Warren of Bridgeport

1st Place - Caleb Long of Valentine
2nd Place - Conner Halverson of Gordon-Rushville
3rd Place - Kelen Meyer of Ord
4th Place - Colten Ballentine of Hershey

1st Place - Lathan Duda of Broken Bow
2nd Place - Lane McGinley of Valentine
3rd Place - Trevor Peterson of Chase County
4th Place - Aiden Smith of Minden

1st Place - Jesse Ulrich of Ord
2nd Place - Treyvon Brooks of Broken Bow
3rd Place - Drew Sprinkle of Cambridge
4th Place - James Hargett of Southern Valley

1st Place - Beau Wood of Perkins County
2nd Place - Matthew Feldner of Kearney Catholic
3rd Place - Evan Fisher of Chase County
4th Place - Colton Duda of Broken Bow

1st Place - Cade Payne of Hemingford
2nd Place - Keifer Anderson of Broken Bow
3rd Place - Nicholas Coley of Mitchell
4th Place - Toby McManigal of Kimball

1st Place - Drew Drake of Broken Bow
2nd Place - Emillio Perez of Perkins County
3rd Place - CJ Hoevet of Ord
4th Place - Keegan Weiss of Mitchell

Class D District 4
(Held in Sutherland)
1st Place - Samuel Foster of Sutherland
2nd Place - Tristin Grooms of Mullen
3rd Place - Landon Klasna of North Platte St. Patrick`s
4th Place - Dutch Yates of Garden County

1st Place - Teven Marshall of Mullen
2nd Place - Nathaniel Murillo of Morrill
3rd Place - Jon Peterka of Sutherland
4th Place - Austin Anderson of Hay Springs

1st Place - Jeremy Larson of Brady
2nd Place - Brenden Warman of Dundy County Stratton
3rd Place - Tyler Nagel of Morrill
4th Place - Jacob Dalbey of Bayard

1st Place - Joel Priest of Hitchcock County
2nd Place - Garrett Latimer of Southwest
3rd Place - Jacob Gholson of Maxwell
4th Place - Hunter Deeds of North Platte St. Patrick`s

1st Place - Brady Gracey of Mullen
2nd Place - Seth Hare of Hitchcock County
3rd Place - Dennis Vogl of Crawford
4th Place - Jacob Lantis of Sutherland

1st Place - Jade Lovitt of Mullen
2nd Place - Brett Tryon of Southwest
3rd Place - Jaden Henderson of Medicine Valley
4th Place - Drake Yates of Garden County

1st Place - Brett Riggs of Maxwell
2nd Place - Colton Holthus of Garden County
3rd Place - Kaden Guerrero of Southwest
4th Place - Zachary Sweet of Mullen

1st Place - Austin Garcia of Morrill
2nd Place - William White of Sutherland
3rd Place - Reece Zutavern of Sandhills/Thedford
4th Place - Dalton Whisenhunt of Maxwell

1st Place - Seth Simants of Stapleton
2nd Place - Derek Gibson of Maxwell
3rd Place - Josh Cox of Mullen
4th Place - Bryan Zutavern of Sandhills/Thedford

1st Place - Talan McGill of North Platte St. Patrick`s
2nd Place - Riley Kessler of Mullen
3rd Place - Dylan Davis-Mack of Medicine Valley
4th Place - Reed McFadden of Sandhills/Thedford

1st Place - Bryce Running Hawk of Hay Springs
2nd Place - Kendal Neal of Mullen
3rd Place - Justin Schroll of North Platte St. Patrick`s
4th Place - Tyler Wolfe of Maxwell

1st Place - Karsen Hunter of Bayard
2nd Place - Austin Wolfe of Medicine Valley
3rd Place - Zane Musgrave of Hyannis
4th Place - Ty Kvanvig of Mullen

1st Place - Clayton Hassett of Mullen
2nd Place - Remington Hodges of Hitchcock County
3rd Place - Luke Howitt of Maxwell
4th Place - Delton Haines of Dundy County Stratton

1st Place - Logan Kircher of Southwest
2nd Place - Chris Sciortino of Garden County
3rd Place - Gage Petersen of Hitchcock County
4th Place - Bryson Shoemaker of Southwest