First decision made for Stapleton/McPherson County co-op

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According to a post by the Stapleton Public Schools Facebook page, the sports co-op with McPherson County Schools will be named the Sandhills Valley Mavericks.

They are asking for the public's help designing the mascot. You have until April 2 to submit a design to the schools' offices. The co-op committee will make the final decision.

***Original Story (2/26/19)
Stapleton and McPherson County Schools are going to team up again. The school districts are joining forces to become one sports team this fall. They are in the very beginning stages of a 5-year agreement that sounds promising.

McPherson and Stapleton County Schools agree that teaming up will give their students better opportunities and a more competitive edge against other teams. The schools currently have a cooperative agreement with just their football team that is doing well, so school officials think it will be a smooth transition.

It's a community effort where even students are involved in choosing the teams' new name and mascot. Students say joining forces will be a good thing. Alyson Nicholson, who plays Basketball and Volleyball at Stapleton said, " I think it's going to be really good for our community because, we've all been friends and so working together on the court should be great and practices will be more competitive and so we will get more game-like situations and so in games, we will be prepared."

The schools had a previous sports cooperative agreement that ran from 2009 to 2014. The agreement ended due to disagreements with prior superintendents. The superintendents today say they are on the same page and believe teaming up will benefit their community.

School officials will be meeting Sunday to talk about the 5-year agreement. The approved cooperative agreement between Stapleton and McPherson County is with this article.