FNSH: Riley Smith

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Theres a familiar saying that North Platte senior Riley Smith says she's lived.

"I started from the bottom for sure," says Smith.

After coming in a freshman, unpolished and unsure; she says she had to battle to get where she's at.

"Yeah, throughout the years I've grown I guess and worked on my game, started hitting the ball a little bit longer, catching up to girls; growing into my swing I guess. I played number two player last year and this year which I'm really proud of. I placed at districts which I've never done before; I placed sixth this year. Now, I have a few more medals than I used to and it feels good," says Smith.

Along the way, improving her confidence and instilling in her the drive to always achieve better.

"Mentally this is probably one of the toughest kids on my team. Shes got what we have as our motto, shes got grit. She never gives up, she loves head to head competition," says Jim Orcutt, Head Golf Coach.

Setting an example for all of those who come after her.

"I just think that it goes to show that you can start with nothing and then you can really build yourself up to something if you work at it and she definitely shows that because shes practiced ever since her freshman year and it's shown that you can grow with practice," says katie wagner, Senior Golfer.