Father and son bond over their love of racing

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- Most little boys idolize their fathers and when your father is a race car driver chances are you too want to live fast.

"We started when I was seven. So, I've been racing for seven years. We've had our ups and downs with going win less for three years," Say Ayden Steffens.

After starting out slow Ayden has since caught fire winning 10 races in the last two seasons.

"We always say he's the future of racing so we kind of groomed him for that and you know take pride and ownership; he's my kid and he's kicking butt."

Making sure to pass along his passion to the younger generation along the way.

"Me and Ayden have known each other for a long time because our families have been friends and we've known each other from racing and our dads used to race together. It's a lot of fun because we see each other every weekend at the big races and then the go-karts," says Lane Heil.

Most importantly following in the footsteps of his father.

"My hopes is to race NASCAR but you know we're from small town Nebraska so I don't know if that's possible but I really want to race modified like my dad does," says Ayden Steffens.

Never letting a little tough love get in the way.

"We can enjoy it together and have fun you know we work out in the garage together you know he may yell at me but I know it's love for what we both love," says Ayden Steffens.