Former Marine attempting to cycle 15,000 miles

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NORTH PLATTE, NEB.-- In 2015, Greg Mooney was diagnosed with Graves' disease, a disorder that can cause serious problems with the heart, bones, and muscles that affects about 1 and 200 people. Part of his self reflection includes a 15,000 mile cycling journey.

"My body basically functions normally as if i'm running a marathon everyday so then adding an endurance vet on top of it is super tough," says Mooney.

A former Marine, mental and physical toughness are in his background.

"Doing something like this hopefully it will inspire others push beyond what they thought they possibly could and the only reason i'm able to do this is because of what I learned in the marine corp," says Mooney.

Inspired by Terry Fox an amputee that ran for 143 days before tragically passing away, Mooney will be cycling 100 miles a day every day for 150 days.

"I cant really run. My joints and stuff like that are kinda jacked up from the Graves' disease but I can cycle so if I can cycle and this kid with one leg with a crappy prosthetic can run over 3000 miles you know I can cycle the equivalent of a marathon on a bike," says Monney.

Mooney hopes to partner with a military charity that will benefit from any proceeds raised and seeks to raise awareness on a national level but first seeking support from his community.

"Just that support knowing that even just my community even if this doesn't go nation wide which I want it to but if it just stays here in North Platte you know, that will be enough for me," says Mooney.

At the very least, hoping to uplift other people.

"It doesn't matter what you're going through. It's literally the six inches between your head is where it matters. You know, your body is capable of some crazy things and I have yet to prove that even though I've been training for five months but I really just want to inspire people to push beyond what they thought they possibly could.