Four North Platte athletes medal at power lifting State meet

OMAHA, Neb. (KNOP) - The All Class State RAW Powerlifting Meet was held at Creighton Prep High School on Feb. 1, and North Platte sent ten athletes to compete. 230 participants competed in squat, bench press, and dead-lift; the lifters had three attempts to lift as much weight as they could, and the top weights for each lift was taken, and places were given for total weight lifted between the three lifts.

Ten Bulldog lifters competed at the State meet on Feb. 1. (Left to right) David Rinke, Jackson Carter, Dalton Lunkwitz, Nicholas Spradlin, Peyton Dimmitt, William Kramer, Tanner Brittenham, Austin Junker, Zach Alexander, Matt Musselman. (Credit: Todd Rice/North Platte power lifting)

Matthew Musselman, Nicholas Spradlin, Austin Junker, Dalton Lunkwitz, David Rinke, Will Kramer, Tanner Brittenham, Peyton Dimmit, Zach Alexander and Jackson Carter participated for the Bulldogs. Musselman, Spradlin, Junker, and Lunkwitz medaled in their respective weight classes.

Mussleman squatted 440 pounds, benched 240, and deadlifted 405, for a total of 1,085 pounds; and finished in fourth place in the 242 weight class. Junker and Spradlin both competed at 275. Junker squatted 365, benched 265, and dead-lifted 495, for a total of 1,125 pounds. Spradlin squatted 365, benched 245, and dead-lifted 495, for a total of 1,105 pounds. Junker finished third, while Spradlin finished fifth. In the heavyweight class, Lubnkwitz squatted 415, benched 275, and dead-lifted 475, for a total of 1,165 pounds, and finished fifth.

"Our athletes have been working pretty hard on the weight room,” said power lifting coach Todd Rice. “For the athletes that decided to go with us, it was a great opportunity to go compete against some of the best lifters in the state. It's always fun to get out and see what other athletes can do. There were athletes that were squatting over 600 pounds, dead-lifting over 600 pounds. Hopefully they gained confidence from that."

Competing on the power lifting team can help the student athletes improve in other sports they participate in.

"We hope what we're doing in the weight room is helping overall athleticism. The stronger an athlete is, the faster they're going to run, the higher they're going to jump. It's just a great opportunity to go out there a couple times through the winter months, compete against other athletes, and just kind of measure yourself," Rice said.