Friday Night Sport Hero: Titus Earll

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)-- Titus earll senior, rb/ s

So far the Brady Eagles are off to a strong start to the season and their running back Titus Earll is a big reason for that.

"To me he was always huge. Like even in 8th grade, he was jacked, I guess," said junior quarterback T.J. Roe.

Brady head football coach Andy Seamann said, "He works hard, he's in the weight room a lot, he's taken weights class every year."

"He's always been the expectation to be the strong kid and so he keeps working to be that strong kid. A leader honestly, just big, just a rock for us I guess," said Roe.

But even a rock can sometimes be broken.

Senior running back and safety Titus Earll said, "It was bad times honestly, you know. Back freshman year, I was starting safety so I was pretty pumped to get back into the season. Then went up to Chadron for camp and found out that I needed hip surgery so I was kind of bummed out that I was missing all of sophomore year."

Roe said, "It was really weird cause he was a freshman starter on defense and then his sophomore year we lost a bunch of seniors, it was going to be him first step up, and I think it was rough for him because we couldn't play basketball with him, he was just out. and you could tell it bugged him but I think he's bounced back. he's worked his butt off to stay healthy and work hard."

"Coming in as a freshman, getting kind of thrown into it, getting to start as a freshman on defense and then having to miss that whole sophomore year and just understanding that it's short, your time playing in high school is short and taking advantage of it," said Seamann.

Nothing was going to keep Earll from playing football again.

"Football's always been a passion for me. I mean ever since I was four years old probably, I had a football in my hand, always wanted to," said Earll.

"He has the all time hankling record now," said Roe. "And it was super cool, we were all hyped for him, he just worked super hard for that and he doesn't really brag, it's just humble and he just does it."

Seamann said, "Titus is a quiet kid but he's a strong leader, he does thing the right way."

"And I mean freshman year, I watched one of our seniors be friday night sports hero, so it's always kind of been a dream of mine," said Earll.