Friday Night Sports Hero: Adam Kroeger

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OGALLALA, Neb. (KNOP)- When it comes to building a team, you'd want to build around someone who is dependable on the court and off of it. That's exactly what you'd get if you picked Adam Kroeger.

Adam Kroeger waits his turn during a drill at practice. (Credit: Sam Pirozzi/KNOP-TV)

While basketball is the sport he has excelled in during his time at Ogallala, it was another sport that got him into shape to play.

"He went out for cross country, changed his diet, his body, what he wanted to look like and came out of it looking pretty good", said assistant coach Coy Cager. That has resulted in Adam contributing significantly to the basketball program.

Coming into senior season, Adam acknowledged there is a little bit more urgency in what he does, since he knows it's his last chance.

"Each time could be my last with it being my senior season. So just knowing that, I've just been more urgent with everything that I've done", said Kroeger with his mindset coming into the season.

While he may have increased urgency and intensity with his game, he has kept his personality. One that is described as laid back, calm, but most importantly, goofy.

"That's his personality", said teammate and friend Dylon Ellard, "always just making jokes and making everyone laugh".