Friday Night Sports Hero: Avery Munson

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- If you ask senior Avery Munson what tennis means to him, without hesitation he'll say its more than just a game.

"There's just something about this sport that the first time I picked up a racket I just knew I found a home. Just being out here, stressed, if i'm upset about something; come out here and serve a basket of balls then I feel at peace again," says Munson.

A three sport athlete and four year letter winner in tennis, he's always looking improve his game.

"Very dedicated to tennis. He comes out and he does lessons two or three times a week with our coach. I've seen him play for three hours at a time and still come back ready for practice, ready for games. He's always pushing for the ball. He's always trying to get people out here to play with him. he's really dedicated to the game," says senior Micah Daily.

Like a true leader, when things are bad he doesn't put the blame on anyone but himself and always trying to uplift his teammates.

"He always takes the lead. He's willing to take the blame for anyone's mistakes. He works for everyone. He just wants everyone to get better and so he'll work with everyone and he tries to get everyone to do their best as well," says Daily.

Even the coaches know, with Avery around, their team is in good hands.

"He's one that always likes to lead in the warm ups. we go to a tournament and he's the one who rallies everyone around and does the warm ups out there and then even hitting drills and different things like that he kinda gets everyone going," says head coach Dale Hall.