Friday Night Sports Hero: Jace Connell

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ARNOLD, Neb. When asked how he hopes teammates would describe him, encouraging and strong leadership were the two things that came to Jace Connell's mind.

Jace Connel works on free throws during practice (Credit:Sam Pirozzi/KNOP-TV)

Connell is a senior on this years South Loup varsity basketball team, a level he's played at all four years of high school.

"Jace is a dynamic point guard for us, he played a lot as a freshman and as a sophomore. He's been a two year starter for us now, he's really become the table setter for our team," said Jeff Cole, head coach of the South Loup Bobcats.

His skill set that has made him a contributor from the start is what makes the team better. From a nice jump shot. to strong passing abilities, his well rounded game makes a positive impact in every game he plays.

"He's very competitive, he likes to push us in practice", said teammate Grant Jones, "He really is a good teammate, he's not selfish, he passes the ball to everybody."

Connell takes the term unselfish to a whole new level, as earlier this season he broke the teams single game assist record. He leads the team in several other categories as well, including charges, reflecting his selflessness and doing what it takes to help his team win.