Friday Night Sports Hero: Kaden Schow

PAXTON, Neb. (KNOP) - Kaden Schow is a reliable player and leader on a Paxton team that has had a lot of success this season.

"He's always my go to if we need to get the ball to somebody if we need a bucket. Defensively he hounds people, he's got an endless motor," said teammate Jordan Callihan.

"The first thing he brings is experience, and it doesn't matter if things are going well for him or if they're not, he continues to help out other kids and point them in the right direction. And moreso, he's tremendoulsy competitive, and I think that rubs off on the rest of the team," head coach Jody Rhodes said.

"More than anything, Kaden's just an all-around good kid, he's right at 4.0 in the classroom, he's in every activity," Rhodes added.

Schow is definitely a role model for others and it was noticed, he was nominated for Friday Night Sports Hero by six people over the last two weeks.

Since he started playing basketball, Schow has worked to improve his game.

"He's gotten better at his three point shot, finishing around the rim, and even a better team player, he shares the ball a lot better," Rhodes said, adding, "He had one speed, and that was all out, and this year he's seemed to be able to shift gears a little bit, it's helped him finish better offensively. Defensively, he used to pick up quite a few fouls, just because he was a little rambunctious on defense, and he would really get after people, and he's learned how to play defense also and use his quickness, and be able to shift gears."

"He's always the one to put in extra work; stay after practice, put up extra shots. He's gotten better at his three point shot, finishing around the rim, and even a better team player, he shares the ball a lot better," Callihan said.

For Schow, the improvement did not come from lack of effort, "Just getting in the gym a lot in the summertime, just working on everything, working hard in practice, not taking a day off," Schow said.

Schow is a three sport athlete and is involved in other extracurricular activities. When asked what he's involved in, Schow said, "FFA, science olympiad, one act, quiz bowl, national honors society, football, basketball, track and field, I think that's it."

On being involved, and how he handles so many activities, Schow said, "It's definitely pretty difficult, but you've just gotta work through it. Being involved a lot, it's hard, but it will pay off later hopefully and it's all competition, and I love to compete."

Being a senior, Schow is a leader on the team, and he always tries to support his teammates.

"I try to be a vocal leader, make sure nobody's hanging their head when they do something wrong, they're moving on to the next play, and they always have some kind of support behind them," Schow said.

Schow says he doesn't think about what he does on the court, it's all instinct. "I think it's more subconscious, I try not to think too much while I'm out there because if I think too much I make a lot of mistakes. So, I just go out there and play, let the ball do the talking," he said.

When asked about a story that exemplifies Schow, Rhodes brought up an incident in a recent game against Sutherland.

"It was kind of a tight game... matter of fact it was a really tight game, and he just hit three threes, and he took another three right in front of the bench, right in front of me. He shot it about two feet to the right of the rim, and his comment was 'oh my.' In the heat of the battle he was still calm, cool, and collected, he wasn't too happy with the shot he just took," Rhodes said.

Schow's hard work does not go unnoticed by his teammates and his coach.

"He's a great student, great kid, good singer. He's gonna do big things on and off the court when he's out of here," Callihan said.