Friday Night Sports Hero: Lane Edis

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- It was on the same field where 28 years ago, Wade Edis earned his all-star jersey and helped mold Mullen into a state championship team.

Fast forward to 2018, senior Lane Edis is on the same field, wearing the same jersey wore and a leader for the 6-0 Broncos.

"He always pushed me to be the best I could be and helped me get here I guess. I mean the way I look at it is just carrying on a legacy for Mullen football," Says Edis.

With over 1300 rushing yards through week 6, Lane has his eyes set on the season record of 2,728 yards held by his dad.

"Well I think it's good that Lane does have a good role model in his dad and his dad was a great back for us a few years ago and you know Lane has done what he can to try and live up to him and you know I think he's made a good name for himself," says Head Coach Mitch Pfeiffer.

After coming up short in the playoffs the last two season Lane has pushed his team to continue making a name for themselves and says a championship would do just that.

"It would be everything, ever since we were sophomores, we lost sophomore year in the second round, last year we lost in the semi final; as soon as we lost we got back in the weight room and we made a pact that we weren't going to come up short," says Edis.

His teammates are buying into the vision.

"Since day one he's always been going after it. I mean, from the first day of summer to the last weight room and film and just everything he just loves the game," says Zac Sweet.

For Lane, it wasn't the benefit of having his dad for a pee-wee coach that allowed him so much success. It was the support of his teammates.

"This team is my family, I mean they come in here they work day in and day out. We put in the extra time everyday. We go an extra drill everyday cause we don't want to come up short. I mean these guys, every one of them has bought in and everyone knows it's Mullen football. We start at the first kick-off and go until the last whistle," says Edis.